Dictate Station with Handheld Microphone - Model DA-113SM

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  • Dictate Station with Handheld Microphone
  • Single, slide-switch control microphone for easy use
  • 10 one-touch programmable dialers
  • Auto-log feature can automatically run a dialer upon powering on
  • Internal battery backup retains programming even with loss of power
  • Record indication light on the microphone turns red when in record mode
  • Built-in volume and tone controls
  • Speaker for playback on station as well as microphone
  • Compatible as a C-Phone® plug-n-play replacement
  • Compatible with Bytescribe, Dolbey Fusion, DVI, Winscribe & Voice Solutions systems

Package Contents
DA-113/SM Dictate Station
HS-101R Hand Microphone
12v A/C Adapter
Product Manual

7.75" tall x 8" wide x 2" deep

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