WavPlayer with USB Foot Pedal and Headset

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WavPlayer by Bytescribe

An audio player program that allows the user to listen to more than a dozen different type of sound files while controlling them with a foot pedal. WavPlayer can play most popular audio file formats. Common audio file formats include .wav, .dss, .ds2, .vox, .mp3, .msv, .dvf, .wma and many others. WavPlayer can also play many standard video formats.

The Infinity IN-USB is truly engineered for infinite performance!

With years of experience and expertise to our advantage, we proudly introduce the latest generation of foot control design and technologies, all integrated into the new INFINITY IN-USB-2 Digital Foot Control. The resilient construction and durable internal switches of this new digital foot control has been redesigned and engineered from the floor up.

  • Includes USB pedal, software and headset
  • Portable USB license key is optional for an additional $20
  • Compatible with Windows 7/8/10

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